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Buenos Aires


At half light (A media luz)

Corrientes three-four-eight,
second floor, elevator
There are no doormen nor neighbors.
Inside, cocktail and love.
Loft furnished by Maple:
piano, rug and nightlamp,
a telephone that answers,
a phonograph that cries
old Tangos of my flower
and a porcelain cat
that can't mew the love.

And everything at half light
that love is a sorcerer...
At half light the kisses...
At half light the two of us...
And all at half light...
interior twilight...
What a soft velvet
the half light of love!

Juncal twelve twenty four
Call without fear.
On afternoons, tea with pastries;
at night, tango and singing.
On Sundays, tea dancing;
on Mondays, emptiness...
There is everything in the little house:
pillows and sofas;
like in a drugstore, coke;
carpets muffling the sound
and a table set for love.

Lyrics by: Carlos César Lenzi
Music by: Edgardo Donato

Ballad for a crazy (Balada para un loco)


The afternoons in Buenos Aires have this...
well, you know. You get out of your house and stroll down Arenales Avenue.
The usual : in the street and in you...
Then suddenly, from behind a tree,
I appear. Rare mix of the ultimate tramp
and the first stowaway on a trip to Venus:
a half melon on the head,
a striped shirt painted on the skin,
two leather soles nailed to the fet, and a taxi-for-hire flag up in each hand.
You laugh! But only you can see me:
because the mannequins wink,
traffic lights give me three colors sky-blue
and the oranges at the corner grocery stand
cast their blossoms.
Come on!, that, half dancing, half flying,
I remove the melon to greet you.
I give you a flag and I tell you...


I know I'm crazy, crazy, crazy...
do you see the moon rolling through Callao;
a parade of astronauts and children waltzing around me...
Dance! Come! Fly!

I know I'm crazy, I'm crazy, I'm crazy...
I see Buenos Aires from a sparrow's nest; and I saw you so sad...
Come! Fly! Feel!...
the crazy desire I have for you:

Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!
As darkness sets in your porteña loneliness,
y the shores of your bedsheet I'll come
ith a poem and a trombone
to keep your heart sleepless.

Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!
Like a demented acrobat I'll dive,
into the abyss of your cleavage 'till I feel
I drove your heart crazy with freedom.
You'll see!


Let's fly, my dear.
get on my super sport illusion,
let's run over the cornices
with a swallow in the engine.
At Vieytes they applaud: "Hooray! Hooray!",
the nuts who invented Love,
and an angel, a soldier and a girl
give us a dancing waltz

The beautiful people come out to say hello.
And crazy, but yours, I don't know!;
I cause a stridency of bells with my laugh,
and finally, I look at you, and sing softly


Love me the way I am, crazy, crazy, crazy...
limb up into my insane tenderness,
don a wig of larks on your head and fly!
Fly with me now! Come! Fly! Come!

Love me the way I am, crazy, crazy, crazy...
pen up your love, we are going to attempt
he crazy magic of reviving...
Come , fly , come! Trai-lai-lai-larara!


Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
She's crazy and I'm crazy...
Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!
She's crazy and so am I.

Lyrics by: Horacio Ferrer
Music by: Astor Piazzolla

Small tavern of Buenos Aires (Cafetín de Buenos Aires)

In my childhood I stared at you
as those things I would never possess
the nose against your window
in an iced blue feeling
that only later, living,
was the same in my soul.
As a school that teaches all things,
in my youth you gave me in wonder
a good smoke...
a faith in my dreams
and a hope for love.

How can I forget you in my lament
"cafetín de Buenos Aires"?
If you are the only one in life
who resembled my mother.
In your strange association
of smart guys and self-killers
I learned philosophy... dice... gamble
and the bitter poetry
of not to think of myself.

You gave me in gold a fistful of friends
the same who cheer my life and my hours
José the one with dreams
Marcial who still believes and hopes
and skinny Abel... who's gone
but still he guides me.
On your tables that never ask questions
I wept some day my first disillusion
I knew of pains,
I drank my years
And I gave up with no fight.

Lyrics by: Enrique Santos Discépolo
Music by: Mariano Mores

Bazaar (Cambalache)

That the world was and it will be filth,
I already know...
In the year five hundred and six
and in the year two thousand too!
There always have been thieves,
traitors and victims of fraud,
happy and bitter people,
valuables and imitations
But, that the twentieth century
is a display
of insolent malice,
nobody can deny it anymore.
We lived sunk in a fuzz
and in the same mud
all well-worn...

Today it happens it is the same
to be decent or a traitor!
To be an ignorant, a genius, a pickpocket,
a generous person or a swindler!
All is the same! Nothing is better!
They are the same, an idiot ass
and a great professor!
There are no failing grades or merit valuations,
the immoral have caught up with us.
If one lives in a pose
and another, in his ambition, steals,
it's the same if it's a priest,
a mattress maker, a king of clubs,
a cad or a tramp.

What a lack of respect,
what a way to run over reason!
Anybody is a gentleman!
Anybody is a thief!
Mixed with Stavisky, you have Don Bosco
and "La Mignon",
don Chicho and Napoleon,
Carnera and San Martin.
Like in the disrespectful window
of the bazaars,
life is mixed up,
and wounded by a rivetless sword
you can see a Bible crying
against a water heater.

Twentieth century, bazaar
problematic and feverish!
If you don't cry you don't get fed
and if you don't steal you're a stupid.
Go ahead! Keep it up!
That there, in hell
we're going to reunite.
Don't think anymore,
move out of the way.
Nobody seems to care
if you were born honest.
It's the same the one who works,
day and night like an ox,
than the one who lives from the others,
than the one that kills or heals
or than the one who lives outside the law.

Lyrics by: Enrique Santos Discépolo
Music by: Enrique Santos Discépolo

Little road (Caminito)

Little road that time has erased,
That one day saw us pass by together,
I have come for the last time,
I have come to tell you my woes.

Little road, you were then,
embroidered in clover and flowering reeds,
a shadow you will soon be,
a shadow the same as myself.

Since she left
I live in sadness,
little road my friend,
I'm leaving also.

Since she left
she never returned,
I'll follow her steps,
little road, goodbye.

Little road which every afternoon
I happily traveled singing of my love
don't tell her if she passes through again
that my tears watered your tracks.

Little road covered with thistle,
the hand of time erased your tracks.
I would like to fall beside you
and let time kill us both.

Lyrics by: Gabino Coria Peñaloza
Music by: Juan de Dios Filiberto

The day that you love me (El día que me quieras)

It caresses my dream
the smooth murmur of your sighing.
How life laughs
if your black eyes want to look at me.
And if it is mine the shelter
of your slight laughter
that is like singing,
it calms my wound,
everything is forgotten.

The day that you love me
The rose that adorns,
will dress in celebration
with its best color
And to the wind the church bells
will say that already you are mine,
and the crazy fountains
will tell about their love.

The night that you love me
from the blue of the sky
the jealous stars
will watch us go by.
And a mysterious ray
will nest in your hair,
inquisitive glow-worm that'll see
that you are my consolation.

The day that you love me
there'll be nothing but harmony.
The dawn will be clear
and the water spring will be happy.
The breeze will quietly bring
a rumor of melody.
And the fountains will give us
their crystal song.

The day that you love me
the singing bird
will sweeten its cords.
Life will bloom
pain will no exist.

The night that you love me
from the blue of the sky
the jealous stars
will watch us go by.
And a mysterious ray
will nest in your hair,
inquisitive glow-worm that'll see
that you are my consolation.

Lyrics by: Alfredo Lepera
Music by: Carlos Gardel

The little marching band (La cumparsita)

If you knew, that still deep in my soul
I keep that affection
that I had for you...
Who knows if you could know
that I have never forgotten you,
going back into your past,
you will remember me...

My friends no longer come
not even to visit me,
nobody wants to console me
in my affliction...
Since the day that you left,
I feel anguish in my chest,
say, woman, what have you done
with my poor heart?

However, I always remember you
with the saintly affection
that I had for you.
And you are everywhere,
piece of my life,
and those eyes that were my joy
I look for them everywhere
and I can't find them.

To the abandoned pad
not even the morning sun
peeks through the window
like when you were here,
and that friendly puppy
who because of your absence did not eat,
when it saw me all alone, the other day
it also left me.

Lyrics by: Enrique Pedro Maroni & Pascual Contursi
Music by: Gerardo H. Matos Rodríguez

Tipsy (Los mareados)

as if lit up,
I found you drinking,
pretty and ill fated;
You were drinking,
and in the din of the champagne
crazily you laughed,
so as not to cry...
I felt at finding you
because looking at you
I saw your eyes
with an electric fire,
your beautiful eyes
that I adored so much.

Tonight, my friend,
with alcohol we're getting drunk;
I don't care if they laugh
and call us "tipsy".
Everyone has their sorrows
and we have ours.
Tonight we will drink
because we won't ever
see each other again...

Today you will enter my past,
in the past of my life.
Three things bears my wounded soul:
Love, Regret, Pain.
Today you'll enter my past,
today we'll follow new paths.
How great our love has been
and, yet, ouch,
look what's left!

Lyrics by: Enrique Cadícamo
Music by: Juan Carlos Cobian

Malena (Malena)

Malena sings the Tango like no one
and in every single verse she pours her heart.
Like a slum weed her voice exudes.
Malena has the broken heart of a concertina.
Perhaps back in her childhood her lark's voice
acquired the dark intonation of a back alley,
or maybe it is the romance she only names
when she gets sad by the alcohol.
Malena sings the Tango with a somber voice;
Malena has the broken heart of a concertina.

Your song
has the cold of a last encounter,
your song
embitters with a salty remembrance.
I don't know
if your voice is the bloom of a broken heart;
all I know that thru the mutter of your Tangos, Malena,
I sense you are better,
better than me.

Your eyes are dark like the oblivion,
your lips pressed tight in a grimace of rancor
your hands, two doves that endure the cold,
your veins have blood of concertina.
Your tangos are forsaken creatures
that walk across the mud of a back alley,
when all the doors are locked
and howling are the spirits of the song.
Malena sings the Tango with a choking voice,
Malena has the broken heart of a concertina.

Lyrics by: Homero Manzi
Music by: Lucio Demare

Nostalgias (Nostalgias)

I want to drown my heart with wine
to extinguish a crazy love
that more than love, is pain...
And that's what I'm here for,
to erase those old kisses
with other lips' kisses.
If her love was short lived,
why is this cruel preoccupation
always living in me?
I want to drink for both of us
to forget this obsession,
but I remember her even more.

for her laughter,
for feeling her fire-like breath
next to my lips...
The anguish
of being abandoned
and of thinking that soon another will
whisper tender words to her...
I don't want the humiliation
of begging, crying,
of telling her I can't live without her.
From my sad solitude
I will see the falling of the lifeless roses
of my youth.

Moan, concertina, your sad Tango
maybe you also are in pain
for a broken love...
Cry my silly, lonely and
sad soul tonight,
dark, starless night.
If drinks bring relief,
here I am with my sorrow
to drown it at once.
I want to drown my heart with wine
to then make a toast
to my defeated love.

Lyrics by: Enrique Cadícamo
Music by: Juan Carlos Cobian

One (Uno)

One searches, full of hope
the road that his dreams
promised to his longings...
One knows that the struggle is cruel
and it's too much but one fights and bleeds
for the faith that makes him stubborn.
One goes crawling on the thorns,
and in his urge to give his love
one suffers and self-destroys understanding,
that one was left without a heart...
Price for punishment that one pays
for a kiss that never comes
or for a love that was unfaithful.
Empty from loving and crying
so much betrayal!...

If I had the heart,
the heart I gave away...
If I could, like yesterday
to love without a premonition...
It's possible that your eyes
that cry out to me their love,
I'd close them with my kisses...
Without thinking that like these,
they were other wicked eyes
that ruined my existence...

If I had the heart,
the same one I lost...
If I'd forget the one that yesterday
tore it apart, and I could love you,
I would embrace in your illusion
to cry out your love.

But God brought you in my destiny
without thinking that it is too late
and I won't know how to love you...
Let me cry
like one who suffers in life
the torture of crying his own death.
Pure as you are, you could've saved
my hope with your love...
One is so lonely in his pain.
One is so blind in his suffering...
But a cruel cold
that's worse than hate,
dead spot of the souls,
horrendous tomb of my love,
cursed forever and stole
all hope...

Lyrics by: Enrique Santos Discépolo
Music by: Mariano Mores

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