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Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires


The most traditional music and dance of Argentine.

We recommend everybody visiting Buenos Aires not to miss a Tango Show.

You can reserve your preferred Tango Dinner-Show in Buenos Aires through our Form

The transfer from and to your hotel is included without additional charge.

El Viejo Almacén
The daring musical notes of the bandoneon cause grief in the dim light.
At times, its sound seems to summon the old parishioners of the store.
The encounter of the glasses in a toast reminds us of the clash of knives on the corner of Balcarce and Incependencia Streets.

The stage is illuminated, but the echoes from another century do not disappear. The chords of one typical orchestra scatter among the tables. The dancers spin an accomplice embrace. The El Viejo Almacén tango night has begun.

Señor Tango
A musical show where the unquestionable protagonist is the Tango.

Esquina Carlos Gardel
In the traditional neighborhood of Abasto you can find this elegant house of Tango.

Used to be the place where Carlos Gardel met his friends.

Nowadays, recycled in Art Nouveaux style.

Complejo Tango
Tango enthusiasts can have private and group lessons with renowned professional teachers.
Designed to meet international gourmet's demands, our menu features a number of musts for those visiting Buenos Aires and among them; our list of local wines has pride of place.
Accompanied by an orchestra of renowned "maestros", every evening a distinguished cast of professional dancers and singers employ their art to narrate the history of Tango in five memorable scenes that provide the perfect after dinner entertainment.

La Ventana
In the mystic neighborhood of San Telmo, you will be able to enjoy a good dinner and a Tango and Folk show.

Piazzolla Tango
Colors, sensations, impacts, subtleties, hugs, looks, lips, turns, steps, more hugs, the spectacle begins...

Piazzolla Tango shines each night with its show in alive.

The travel through the traditional Tango and of parlor, to those with symphonic sparkles and contemporary dances permits us to know all the shades of dance, the song and music.

It based on the "Estaciones Porteñas", by Astor Piazzolla.

Each one of them: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are included in the different repertoire leading to musical qualities, styles, gestures...

A Tango Show to enjoy and to share in a magnificent theater with all the luxury of the Buenos Aires of long ago.

Sabor a Tango
A place with the best style, delicious food and excellent wines in a show performed by successful voices.

Madero Tango
Within a luxurius setting and unique dazzling river view through the largest window in Buenos Aires, an exquisit author meal in charge og Martiniano Molina, the most recognized chef in the country, and an excellent coktail and wine list, launches a show with a sensacional wardrobe that explores a journey of emotions, colours and time.

More then 120 outfits, 100 pair of shoes, 20 artist on stage and 6 live musicians, definitely complete what is a before and after in tango's life.

Rojo Tango
A cabaret designed by Philippe Starck, created to bring back nostalgic times that already passed, with the strength of a new show full of fantasy and sensuality.

A gastronomic proposal with an attitude of it's own, that privileges the subtlety of perfumes and textures, accompanied by Baron B champagne.







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