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Buenos Aires


Park of the Coast

Unique in Latin America.
With multiple sensational attractions of last generation.
Trip in the Coast Train and park admission ticket with limitless use of the attractions.


Holy Land

Move crossing a full town of Faith.
Go to the beginnings of the Christian era, since for 2000 years, and has been witness of the life and work of Christ.
Move with the greatest manger of the world.
Revive the Last Dinner, where Christ will invite you to share his table.
Be surprised with the image of Christ of 18 meters of height and with the panoramic view of the town.
Walking by the streets of Jerusalem, turn into protagonist of history.



In Escobar, only 30 minutes from Buenos Aires City, the nature has its own place called Temaikčn, an unique and innovative experience.
Temaikčn is a place where the nature astonishes and teaches.
Temaikčn comes from the words Tem = land and Aikén = life, that means "Land of Life" in the language of Tehuelches. Tehuelches or Patagonian were native tribes from Southern Patagonia.
Temaikčn is a 34 hectare-zoo-park where the three big habitats of nature are recreated, water, land and air, where you can find a diversity of autochthones species and also species from other regions in the world.


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