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Buenos Aires


Discover the beauty of Buenos Aires through a tour of its Civic Center, the Plaza de Mayo (May Square) surrounded by Government House (Casa Rosada), the Metropolitan Cathedral and City Hall (Cabildo) from colonial days; the Colůn Theatre (exteriors), one of the world's best known opera houses; the traditional quarter of San Telmo, where the magical atmosphere of the district will take you back in time.

Later of these, we will stop by La Boca quarter, the place where the first Italians and other immigrants settled down, famous for its picturesque and colorful architecture (Caminito Street.)

We will continue to Palermo, a residential quarter with diverse attractions such as the City Zoo, the Palermo Parks and the Planetarium, among others. Finally will end the tour in Recoleta, one of most exclusively neighborhoods, with elegant boutiques, gourmet restaurants and side walk cafes under the ficus (gomeros.)

Two hours of fascinating navigation down the Coastal Channel of the River Plate, with lunch on board (Menu: Starter - Main course - Dessert), until the proximities of the Athletic Club River Plate. In this voyage the interior of the Port of Buenos Aires with all its vast activity will be able to be observed, the Yacht Argentine Club founded in 1883, the antique Hotel of the Immigrants, the riverside silhouette, the classic Fishermen Club with its typical construction, the Airfield for light aircrafts Jorge Newbery, the University City, the different ways to practice of water-sports, boats of different sizes and in the background the wonderful view of Buenos Aires City flirting itself with an imposing sunset.

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